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Zweli Martin Dlamini

Gender: Male
Radio Journalist
  • Organisation: Swaziland News
  • Case: Arrest
  • Culprit: police
  • Country: Eswatini
  • City: Manzini

Police told Dlamini that they were investigating him for suspected sedition and seized laptops, cellphones, hard drives, and other electronic devices before taking him to police headquarters in the capital, Mbabane, Dlamini said. At the headquarters, officers questioned Dlamini about two articles he published in Swaziland News about King Mswati III, one published on February 3 accusing the king of lying about the political and economic situation in the country, and another from February 21, accusing the king of promoting a cultural ceremony where women could be sexually abused. Dlamini said that officers handcuffed him to a bench and tried to suffocate him by putting a plastic bag over his head, saying that an officer told him to “forget about your rights.”