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Yomi Olomofe

Gender: Male
Print Journalist
  • Organisation: Prime Magazine
  • Case: Attack
  • Culprit: Unidentified men
  • Country: Nigeria
  • City: Lagos

Olomofe, who publishes the monthly community magazine Prime Magazine, and McDominic Nkpemenyie, a correspondent with the state-funded Tide Newspaper, were investigating allegations that customs officers at Seme, on Nigeria’s border with Benin, were complicit in smuggling, when more than 15 men attacked the two journalists. The men hit Olomofe on his face and body with their fists and sticks until he lost consciousness. In a June 30, 2015, complaint to the Lagos state police commissioner, and a July 1, 2015, complaint to the inspector general of police, Olomofe identified his attackers and customs officers who had not intervened to stop the attack. Police did charge anyone for assaulting the journalists.