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Benabdelhamid Amine

Gender: Male
Photo Journalist
  • Organisation: Nime
  • Case: Imprisonment
  • Culprit: Algerian Authorities
  • Country: Algeria
  • City: Oran

A court in Oran, in northwest Algeria, sentenced cartoonist Benabdelhamid Amine to one year in prison on December 11 after finding him guilty of insulting the president, “violating territorial integrity,” and “disseminating publications harmful to national security,” according to news reports. The Djamal City Criminal Court suspended nine months of that sentence, thereby requiring Amin to spend three months in prison, according to those reports. The charges against Amine stemmed from cartoons he published on his personal website and social media, one of which depicted Algerian Army Chief General Ahmed Gaid Salah placing a golden slipper on the foot of Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the former prime minister who won election as president on December 12, according to those reports.